Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Non-windy Side of Los Barriles

Scott on the cajone with Leanna and
Leonard singing/playing guitar
As the windy season comes to a close and we makes plans to move on, I am already nostalgic for the fun times we've had at Playa Norte (North Beach) in Los Barriles. Our neighbors, who we fondly call the "Von Leonard Family", hosted many music filled nights around their campfire.  "Von Leonard" is not their real name but the dad's name is Leonard and they are a kind, loving, musical family (think The Sound of Music's Von Trapp family).  Credit to Kim and Frank for the name.  The Von Leonards brought down a drum box (called a cajone) that they let Scott play during the campfire songs.  It's perfect for Scott -- he loves drums, music, and not socializing.

On top of the fantastic musical nights with the Von Leonards, we've enjoyed croquet on the beach AND even a late night game of Cranium. I don't think they realize how much they have influenced our stay on the beach in Los Barriles.

Margo and Leonard supervising Scott's croquet technique

A couple of weeks ago Steve and Wonder (no, I don't think that's her real name) rolled up in their hippie mobile and parked right next to us.  Their rig is everything but subtle.  We forgave them for blocking our view of the water, when they hosted a movie night by putting a huge white cloth on the side of their bus.  We watched "The Princess Bride" on the beach, steps from our refrigerator full of yummy beverages.

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