Friday, April 13, 2012

Cabo San Lucas

Meg and Luke with Daddy

Under normal circumstances, we probably would not have found ourselves hanging out in Cabo San Lucas, home of many tourist resorts and cheesy spring break-ish bars. Similarly, I don't think our friends, Nooby and Brien, would normally take a vacation in Baja.  Thanks to their planning, we spent a week together in a gorgeous house overlooking the famous "Land's End" Arch (Finisterra).

Our location enabled us to enjoy the beauty of Cabo without the headache of the touristy parts.  That said, in true Cabo tradition, we did manage to put away some tequila and Coronas. On our first night together, all the adults somehow wound up bleeding from the concrete slide that enters the pool from the hot tub.  That followed a delicious meal of Sierra Mackerel and Snapper that Scott caught that morning and Brien cooked on the grill. YUM!

We spent our days lounging/playing around the pool and at local beaches.  We also went on many grocery shopping excursions in El Tigre. Good times that won't be forgotten.

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Danno said...

You had me at "concrete slide that enters pool"

Wow, now i really want to go.