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Other Blogs and Links
There are better and more interesting blogs than ours. Many of them have provided us with inspiration and important information. The following is a list updated in 2013 (in no particular order) of some blogs that have helped us out. There are so many more, it's impossible to list them all. Thanks to everyone who has helped us through the years.

  • - Start with the "Roadtripper Profiles" link if you want to see all the people/blogs out there
  • - "The Encylopedia of Overland Travel"
  • - This website puts together 100s of travel bloggers in one place. You can use their search function to search all of the blogs for specific information. I usually do a country search when we are about to enter a particular country. The blog is pretty heavy on Africa and Europe travel blogs and not so much on the Americas. 
  • - This threesome published a book for Mexico and Central America that mirrors much of what they say on their blog. Their website provides detailed information about camping, border crossings, and attractions throughout the Americas. Always the go-to for all Pan-Am related info.
  • - These guys were the original blog that we looked to for border crossing info and inspiration. They did their PanAm journey a couple of years ago - ending March 2012.
  • - What can I say? If you aren't following SprinterLife, you aren't one of the cool kids. Good writing and lots of pictures.
  • - Some good info with occasional blog posts
  • - Good campsite listings, among other things
  • - We started following these guys when they where just ahead of us during the Darien Gap shipping process. They have done a great job of documenting their experience during the shipping.
  • - Great pictures and good documentation from the inventor of (check it out!)

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