Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's Getting Warmer on the Sea of Cortez

Picture courtesy of okckayak.com

My mom said in a recent email, "I guess you're making Los Barriles your new residence".  This is true, but soon enough, the wind will die off, and we will be on our way.  Until then, we are kiting our brains out.  The past week has been an amazing, grand-finale in the wind department.  Nearly 4 days in a row of 20+ knot winds, leading to some very sore knees.

The temperatures are starting to rise in the Sea of Cortez as well as on land.  With the change of seasons, we've noticed a lot more sea life, including lots of big turtles.  One of those turtles met my kiteboard yesterday. Good thing he wasn't skinny dipping. I'm still not sure who faired worse, the turtle or my kiteboard, which lost a fin and sustained a pretty nasty ding.  Poor turtle. Poor kiteboard.


Unknown said...

Hi. I just randomly found your blog as I was researching camping spots in San Quintin. My husband and I are leaving next weekend for a month in Baja (mostly Mulege to Loreto area) - our second drive down - fourth trip overall. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading about what you're doing and am incredibly jealous as well. Reading your posts has just made me that much more determined to find a way to hit the road permanently as well, although it might take a little more time for us. By the way, my husband and I got married at Punta Pescadero outside Los Barriles in 2005. Enjoy Los Barriles! Maybe we'll pass you on the road!

Angela Brown said...

PS - Here was our first attempt at blogging on our last trip to Baja - http://bajatravelers.wordpress.com/