Friday, January 6, 2012

Los Barriles, Baja

After our adventures at Punta Chivato we made our way south, with a few stops, to the windsport mecca of Los Barriles.  We were on a bit of a mad dash trying to catch our friends, the Purwins family, who drove down to Los Barriles from Portland for their 3 week (!!!) holiday.  We managed to catch them 2 days before they were going to head back north.  I regretfully didn't take ANY pictures while we visited.

A stop on our way south at Juncalito beach backed by the Sierra de la Giganta mountains.  Absolutely stunning.
Another reason we wanted to stop in Los Barriles was to catch up with Frank and Kim who bolted down here from the San Fran area to meet us.  They hand-delivered some spare bike parts, a new car stereo, and essential booties for Scott. The booties were supposed to be spares, but we inadvertently left Scott's old booties at the previous surf spot.  We can't thank them enough!  As a bonus, we got to catch up with our friend, Rodney, who has always been a part of our Baja experience (in San Carlos) starting in 2000.  It wouldn't be the same without having Rodney around.

Scott and Rodney greet Frank and Kim as they arrive in Los Barriles
We've found ourselves "stuck" in Los Barriles for the past 10 days visiting friends and finally getting our kiteboarding skills honed.  You would have thought we were good kiteboarders by now, but you would be mistaken.  We started kiting in 2003 near here (in La Ventana) but as we returned to the USA we pretty much quit kiteboarding.  We took it up in 2009 during our travels in Australia.  We haven't specifically travelled to good kiteboarding locations during our travels in OZ or NZ.  We managed to get some good kiting in, only when the stars aligned. Los Barriles offers us some free beachfront camping, a town with all the supplies we could ever need, friends of the windsport persuasion, and some fantastic weather.  I'm having trouble finding a reason to leave.

Our camping spot in front of the kite beach in LB

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