Monday, January 30, 2012

Life in an Arroyo

As far as places to hang our hats for an extended period of time, Los Barriles was never on our radar. We just assumed we'd spend a few days here and then move on. We've been here over a month.

What's life been like in LB?  We are parked in a large arroyo right outside of town directly on the beach.  This arroyo is massive -- approximately 1/4 mile wide.  During hurricanes, it is filled with destructive amounts of water.  All other times of the year, it is dry, public land that offers free camping.  The "veggie-man", Jose comes every Saturday with organic, fresh veggies for all the campers.  He also happens to park right outside our truck -- where else can you get fresh veggies, eggs, chicken, and tamales delivered to your door fo' free? It's the only way we can keep track of time - "Oh my gosh, it's veggie day already!?"  In addition to the veggie-man, there is a propane-man and a water-man.  Propane fill-up on the beach!

During the winter, the northerly winds on the Sea of Cortez are like clockwork.  It's usually somewhat calm in the morning, but by 11am, the cool northerly wind is kicking.  On the rare day that we aren't kiteboarding, we have been able to paddleboard, snorkel, hike, and mountain bike in the area.

The veggie-man lineup.  Where are all the men?  

Snorkeling 10 miles up the road at Punta Pescadero

Arroyo life

It's all good, except for a few things.  There are lots and lots of gringos which means we aren't learning/practicing Spanish.  Save that for a rainy day, right?

The fishing has been a major bust.  Scott hasn't caught ANY fish.  We've been told that the fishing isn't that great right now but if you've read our other blog posts, you know that Scott was getting pretty cocky about his fishing successes.

Since we're on the Sea of Cortez and thus facing east, the sunrises are undeniably epic.  E V E R Y  M O R N I N G.  One morning I managed to force myself out of bed before the sun turned into a bright, yellow ball so I could snap a picture.

No need for an alarm clock with this bright light comin' atcha

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