Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tarantula Sighting

After a day of getting groceries, filling the water tank, doing laundry, washing the truck, and finding internet we camped just off the road to Punta San Carlos (PSC).  PSC was our destination for many years starting in 2000 when we made our first drive down to Baja.  It's funny to look back on that trip and recognize how our travel style has changed.  Our first time, we were so scared driving into Baja that we crossed the border and drove non-stop until hitting the beach at PSC.  I didn't pee all day and Scott peed in a jar.  We only stopped long enough to fill up on gas about 6 hours into our drive.  Gringos estupidos.

Lunch stop near Catavina

After the PSC road, we stopped for a "recreation break" near a placed called El Marmol.  We rode our bikes out to the ruins of a marble (marmol) mine where a schoolhouse had been built entirely of marble.  Neither of us are very big on ruins and really, we never would've made the trek out to the marble schoolhouse except it was a good excuse to get on our bikes.  As we suspected, it was just a pile or rocks that really didn't impress us much.  BUT!!!!  as we were biking out, I saw a tarantula crossing the road.  Check out the video of Mr. Tarantula below.  By the way, Scott was biking so far ahead of me he missed out on the sighting.

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Stevie said...

Hola amigos!! I have been loving your blog since you guys crossed the border into Baja. So stoked for you guys, and it's so much fun reliving the road through you guys! Can't wait to hang out in S.America . -Stevie