Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Cheese Has Run Out, Time To Drive To Civilization

Quatro por quatro -- que Bueno!
After our fantastic run of weather and fun at Punta Baja, we got hit with a day of rain and strong wind.  We hunkered down in the truck and tried to stay immobile for 12 hours straight.  Admittedly, I got a little stir crazy.  It sort of reminded me of our worst weather events in New Zealand.  The next morning, Sunday, we somehow decided (mostly due to some miscommunication), that we would try to drive from the beach back to the nearest town, El Rosario.  It happened to be spitting rain, at the time.  We had heard about what happens to Baja's dirt roads after rain, but we never really internalized the significance of the advice.  As we were told, the desert roads turn to ice.  Seriously.  There is a 2-inch layer of sludge that forms over the dirt that imitates ice.  The truck made it a couple of miles before we pulled off and decided to wait for things to dry.  There were multiple times where the truck was sliding SIDEWAYS.  We are really thankful for the lesson.  Even with 4wd, it's not really worth getting stuck, or worse yet, rolling the truck.  

Before we drove out to Punta Baja, we bought 2 pounds of cheese - un kilo.  That was 7 days ago.  We are nearly out of cheese.  This is always a good sign that we need to head back to civilization.

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