Monday, November 14, 2011

Punta Baja is the Sheet

Secluded SUP-land (even got the moon in the pic)
We arrived at Punta Baja 5 days ago and found a beautiful, deserted beach where we have fallen into our new routine.  Morning starts at 6 am (daylight savings helped this). We drink our coffee and mull over our plan for the day.  The plan?  So far, the plan has been to SUP (stand up paddle board) all day until we literally have trouble eating dinner due to exhaustion.  We've taken some walks around the area to explore as well.  One evening we inadvertently picked up a scrappy, but friendly little dog at the fish camp. She followed us 2 miles back to our truck.  She indeed made it back home and then did it again the next evening.

Scrappy little perro who followed us everywhere
When we aren't walking or SUPing/surfing, we are reading Spanish phrase books.  I'm frustrated but determined.  The great thing about Spanish is if you can figure out how to pronounce all of the vowels and consanants you're halfway there.  Unlike English, the words sound exactly how they are spelled! I've got the the "i" down -- it's pronounced "eee".  As in, this place is the sheet.  Both of us have trouble remembering to pronounce "v" as "b".  Today we were out in the water with a guy named Fernando. According to Scott's translation, he works as a night-time security guard at the fish camp. According to my translation, he works in health and social services in nearby El Rosario.

The tequilla is flowing and as we predicted, our route through Baja has been sloooow.  Muy despacio.

So much Tequilla in the grocery store

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