Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Toy Box

by Scott

While we love the living quarters of El Tigre, the layout is not ideal for gear storage. From the start, we planned to mount a box on the back, with a bike rack mounted on top of the box. The question was where to find a suitable box. We considered many alternatives. We looked at patio boxes. I tried to find a big, old chest freezer. I thought about building my own. Ultimately, we spent the money for a massive custom aluminum box.

The shop that built it caters to the commercial trucking industry, yet at 85" x 33" x 31", it's the biggest single box they've ever built. For our gearhead friends (or english-speaking internet-savvy banditos), a list of toys is at the end of this post. The only items in the truck are the small kites/bars, wetsuits, fishing pole, and guitar. Of course, the bikes are on top of the box. For the banditos that have read this far, in addition to the two locking latches, the box is secured to the frame with a locking hitch pin and a cable lock. The whole thing weighs about 350 pounds, so bring amigos.

  • Kite - Ozone C4 7
  • Kite - Slingshot Rev 9
  • Kite - Slingshot Rev 11
  • Kite Harness - Dakine Tabu
  • Kite Harness - Pro Limit Eve
  • Kiteboard - Airush Switch 132
  • Kite/surfboard - Stretch Ratboy 5'6"
  • Kite/surfboard - Slingshot Tyrant 6'2"
  • Surfboard - T&C V-series 6'4"
  • Surfboard - Santa Cruz Pumpkin Seed 6'6"
  • Surfboard - Channel Islands K-step 6'9"
  • Paddleboards - C4 Waterman Rapid Rider iSUP 10'0" (x2)
  • Paddles - Werner Carve (x2)
  • Wetsuit - Ripcurl 4/3mm 
  • Wetsuit - Quiksilver 3/2mm
  • Wetsuit - Ronstan 3mm Farmer John
  • Wetsuit - Billabong 5/4/3mm
  • Wetsuit - Ripcurl 3/2
  • Mountain bike - Specialized Pitch Pro
  • Mountain bike - Haro Xeon
  • Fishing rod/reel - vintage Wright & McGill/Shakespeare
  • Guitar - Line 6 Variax 700
Other box items
  • 5 air pumps
  • biking accessories
  • spare truck parts
  • spare tire
  • 2 beach chairs

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stevie said...

Nice toy box!!!! Now hurry up and get here so we can all play! The waves are fantastic in Northern Peru :) -Stevie