Sunday, October 2, 2011

Portland, Oregon Part II

Portland never ceases to amaze me with all the cool things you can do in the city or just outside the city.  How 'bout a night laying on a hillside watching 1200 swifts (those are birds) roost for the night?  If that's not cool enough, we watched a falcon pick off one of the swifts for his/her dinner.  When nature and good friends collide, I am very happy.

Good friends, drinks, and NATURE!
Last week I had the opportunity to prove that I'm younger than I look.  It didn't work because I barely made it past 11 pm.  Regardless, I had a great time with some friends at The Voice Box belting out songs in our own personal karaoke room.  Nope, we weren't in Japan, just Portland.

Voice Box. Yes, I'm killing a Fergie song.
An hour west of Portland we went to a beer fest in Hood River (aptly named Hops Fest).  We definitely missed our favorite IPA drinking buddy, my dad.  As is common with Hood River, it was sunny and warmish while Portland suffered from it's common ailment -- dark and rainy.

Standing in front of Hops vines.  Scott and Juliet seeing dollar signs?
On a more serious note, we probably won't finish our todo list for at least a week and possibly 2 weeks.  Oh well, I guess we need to find more cool stuff to do in Portland in between chores.

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