Friday, September 29, 2017

Five Months at Punta San Carlos

Over the past 8 years of living on the road, we have routinely felt a pull towards Baja. We love the isolation and undeveloped land of Baja, combined with the world class waves, kind, helpful people, cheap living, and excellent camping. To cure our home sickness for Baja, we stayed at Punta San Carlos, Baja for nearly 5 months this year.

I haven't felt compelled to write a blog post or take many pictures because really, we've covered a lot of it in previous blog posts (Punta San Carlos). I can imagine the reader thinking, "blah, blah blah - kiting, SUPing, surfing, biking, hiking, yogaing".  In addition to the blah, blah, blah which attracts most of our passion, we watched lots of sunsets and moon-rises (with margaritas of course) and spent time with new and old friends. PSC is becoming a second (or maybe a first?) home for us.

Sunset glow (photo credit: Tom/Amandine)

Staying at one place for so long allowed us to become intimately close to our surroundings - the wind, waves, tides, moon, sun, mice, rocks, snakes, rain, birds, dust, spiders, human neighbors, sea lions,...

I will let the pictures and captions tell a bit of our PSC story:

Our neighbors returned from town and sent their industrious, sweet daughters to surprise all the campers with bananas and broccoli (Rose is working hard to keep Bon Bon away)

Artur and Insa adopted a dog from the local fish camp and named him Baja. In this picture he's barely the size of a small boulder. He's 5 months old now and 10x the size.

Unknown surfer enjoying a wave at The Point

The morning routine - breakfast and coffee with a view

Our good friend, Gordon, riding The Point early in the morning  (we can only hope that we will be this badass at 69 years old)

Party in the hippie bus (Sebastian, far right, is the most unhippie of bus owners we've met)

Scott doing the kitesurfing thing

My desert microgreen garden

Campfire full moon rise (photo credit: Artur)

This year, I took up a new hobby (who needs adult coloring books when you have rocks?)

An ancient Cardon cactus holding up a family of buzzards

The biggest tarantula we've ever seen
Two weeks ago, we left Punta San Carlos, thinking the season was over. As it turns out, two of the biggest south swells of the season will be hitting San Carlos next week (shhhh). Therefore, so will we.


gordon said...

great pictures. if I could fly would be headed back for the next two swells. You must be at 7 sisters? enjoy.

Cesar said...

Aahhh... Baja. We bought a Sprinter a few months ago so one day (year) soon we will ask for your coordinates and link up. Cheers- Cesar

Melissa said...

I love your new hobby! Miss you both, but glad to hear you are halpy.

Unknown said...

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