Saturday, July 8, 2017


This is for the cat people in our lives.

At the end of April, with plans to spend 6 weeks in Baja at our favorite remote kitesurfing/surfing beach, Punta San Carlos (PSC), we headed from Utah to California. On the way, we found a couple in Southern California looking for someone to house/catsit for 11 days ( was our proxy). We jumped at the opportunity.

This allowed us to get our much needed kitty fix, while getting ready for our stay at PSC.  It is remote - 4 hours to reach the nearest small town. So in preparation, we spend a lot of time stocking up on food. Purchasing and organizing all that food is a lot easier with a home base larger than El Tigre. The housesit also gave us a driveway for truck maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

For 11 days, we were at the beck and call of 3 sweet, sometimes challenging, orange cats. Each one had his own quirky personality that kept us smiling and busy.

Max (aka Fatty) cleaning his buddy, Pita

One of the cats, aged 17, named Pita, was hilariously demanding. He never stopped meowing at us. The only time he stopped, was when he was on our lap - pictures below.

Pita, finally quiet

Pita sat on our lap during dinner

We laughed on our first morning, when all 3 cats joined us in bed before we woke up. We quickly realized who was in charge.

Talk to the back humans

Also, what is it about yoga mats and cats? At one point, I had all 3 cats on my mat while trying to do yoga. I was so bummed Scott wasn't around to get a picture of it.

Working out on the cat mat

The homeowners let us use their car to run errands. What an incredible perk. During future downtime or when we need to do some work on the truck, we hope to find other housesits, as this one worked out so well.

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