Sunday, January 31, 2016

The End...of our Endless Summer

Since we last checked in, we were driving across the country from Baja, Mexico. We've done a fair bit of driving through the middle of the country over the last few months. Thanks to the US highway system and cheap diesel, we've hardly noticed a dent in our bank account.

We stopped in San Diego to put all of our summer gear in storage. We've joked that before long, we will have stuff stored in all corners of the country.

Warm-weather stuff going into storage

A very chilly sunset - the last time we used our "sunset-chairs" in 2015. Black Canyon, Arizona.

We made a pit stop in Michigan and enjoyed time with the Matthews clan including Peggy (second-mom) and Meredith (third-daughter) - pictured below. Per usual during any pit stop, Scott worked on the truck, and we enjoyed some of the luxuries that come with living in something bigger than 70 square feet.

A frosty Michigan morning

Smashing the family into a 4-person booth

This is as fancy as two truck-living people can get. Thanks Mom and Dad Matthews.

Back to the open road, we drove through the dreadfully boring state of Kansas, among others. Much to our surprise, we stayed relatively entertained. Have a look at the 2 pictures below.

Props to Kansas! We found a surprising little State Park with rocks and something more than corn fields and pastures.

Ohio has "Big Butter Jesus" and Kansas has what we've named "Whole Wheat Jesus"

Due to hemisphere hopping, we haven't experience winter for 6.5 years, so the next phase of our adventure is sure to be interesting. We still haven't figured out how to keep the condensation from freezing on our stupid aluminum window frames (pictured below). Stayed tuned for an update on our winter adventures!

Winter living with un-insulated windows

Cheers to cold-weather!!!


Unknown said...

Why the warm clothes in the camper ? I want to take to the road year round and wonder how camper life is when it gets really cold .. as in -15f ?

Heather and Scott said...

Hey Francois, The warm clothes were a bit much since we could've just turned up our heater. We're still trying to find the balance between blasting our heater (propane with electric fan) and just wearing a few more clothes (which happen to be comfortable too!). In 2003 we spent the winter in Jackson Hole, WY in a van and while it was -20F outside, it was 0F inside WITHOUT a heater. With any sort of a heater, we feel that RV living is easy in the winter.

Unknown said...

Thanks ! is condensation in the windows a problem ?