Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Thanks For Making Our Day

A few weeks ago, while doing our typical, leisurely 65 mph (in a 75 mph zone) on I-40 near the Arizona/New Mexico border, a blue Toyota Rav 4 with Colorado plates passed us. They immediately pulled over and also began doing 65 mph. Slightly peeved, Scott said, "This guy passed me for that?". A few minutes later, the Toyota slowed to 60 mph. At this point, even El Tigre felt the urge to pass.

As we pulled up alongside the Toyota, there was a sign in the driver's window, "Hi Heather and Scott! Big fans of the blog!" We honked and waved and pulled back behind them, as they sped off down the road. Too bad we didn't have the camera ready. To our unknown friends, keep an eye out for us in Colorado this winter, and thanks for making our day!


Unknown said...

Famous everywhere friends. And it's because you're AMAZING!!!

maxmark7 said...

Thanks for the shoutout! I'm the driver in the blue rav 4. We were heading back to Colorado after spending Thanksgiving at the grand canyon. My wife and I love your blog and following your adventures all over the world.

Kevin and Jane said...

Hi, I've enjoyed reading thru your adventures. I just happened across it. We've been semi-nomadic, mostly around Mexico, for the last 3 out of five years. Living in our 86 vanagon, it seems we've had a very similar outlook on what life is like on the road. Thanks for the all your hard "Work" on the blog - it may come in handy should we head southward.
Keep jumping,
Kevin and Jane
(Ixtaczoquitlan, Mexico......for now)