Saturday, August 10, 2013

Stray Dog Theater

by Scott

During our second stay in Esterillos Oeste (Costa Rica), we didn't see Patty, the dog that broke our hearts during our first visit. While we were gone, her owner was deported, but she was adopted by a local gringo. Unfortunately, he doesn't live by the beach, so that meant we had to go for runs and walks and find monkeys on our own.

That didn't last long. A couple days later, we met a new dog at Dominicalito, Costa Rica. She looked similar to Patty, but with different coloring. She clearly was or had been someones pet. She'd been spayed. She had a nice Animal Planet collar, but no name tag. We called her Mimo, Spanish for mime, because of her black triangle eyes. She was very skinny, so we gave her lots of treats.

Like Patty, Mimo loves to go on walks and runs on the beach. She also loves chasing birds, lizards, and pleading with the monkeys to come down out of the trees. We stayed at Dominicalito for 2 nights. Both nights, Mimo slept under the truck, and barked if anything look suspicious. Good puppy.

We were nervous about leaving. We didn't want a repeat of a desperate dog chasing us down the highway. Mimo hadn't left our sides for two days, so we were worried that she might chase us. We nonchalantly fired up the truck and started driving slowly down the pot-holed road to the highway. Mimo just sat there and watched. It was almost as sad as Patty sprinting after us--like she's been abandoned so often that she's lost all hope of something better.

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