Sunday, November 4, 2012

Slowing Down in San Jose Del Cabo (For 4 Days)

Our good friends Dan and Juliana (both former Vancouver-ites and HP coworkers) flew down to San Jose del Cabo to meet us for a mini-vacation.  They brought their adorable 2-year old, Evelina (aka Lina or The Bean).  Since they've left, I've been calling her our "linatainment", as she provided so much entertainment while we lounged around the pool.

Scott and Lina playing "elephant"

Dan and Juliana also visited us in Australia back in 2008.  Our visits are always easy, fun, laid-back and inspiring.  Since they left, I've been inspired to take more pictures, go out for different food (instead of always cooking ourselves), and perhaps occasionally splurging on fancier tequila, among other things.

Heather and Juliana getting shady.  Dan and Scott with their tequilla smiles.

They stayed in a room at the Posada Real while we slept in the back parking lot in El Tigre.  It worked out surprisingly well, except for the night we got backed into by an employee going home for the night.  When we were jolted awake, it was clear that it was not an earthquake, nor was it a cow.  Scott thought we had been t-boned.  He leaped out of the truck, arms in the air yelling "QUE PASA!??!?!?".  The guy was extremely apologetic, and a little bit scared, as he was a lot smaller than the irate gringo. He had hit our box but only scuffed the paint and broke a stick-on reflector (of which we had an replacement).  He sustained major damage to his tiny $200 car.

The scene of the crime.  I stumbled out of the truck and took a picture of Scott and the small guy investigating his damaged car.

Our last night together ended with a fantastic 2 am swim in the bathtub-warm ocean.  It may have been fueled by some delicious anejo tequila.  Their visit was so short.  I'm hoping next time will be a longer visit somewhere in South America.

The only picture we have of all 4 of us.  Deliciously erotic.

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