Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pizza Pizza in Los Barriles

After we spent a few days with the Slightams in Cabo, we headed north towards La Paz to catch the ferry to mainland Mexico.  We had to stop in Los Barriles (LB) for our favorite pizza and free camping.  We rolled into LB in the dark, anxious to get some food and some sleep. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw that the pizza place, Otra Vez, was having 2-for-1 pizza! The stipulation was that you had to get 2 of the same pizza.  Oh damn.

We had discovered this pizza last winter with our friends Kim and Frank. At the time, we ordered 3 pizzas, one of which was called "Springbok" -- feta, prosciutto  avocado, and banana.  The first two pizzas were more traditional, so Scott pushed to try the weird one for the third.  It turned out to be a pizza party in our mouths.  We went back a second time that winter, hoping it wasn't a fluke, and it wasn't!

2 x 1 pizza -- we ate more than 1 pizza for dinner!
This time, after we got our 2-for-1 pizzas, a family came in and sat at the table next to us.  Scott didn't understand why the cute 20-something girl was smiling so hard at him (he swears it used to happen regularly).  After a while, the mother came over to introduce herself. As it turns out, the family is from South Africa, but now lives in LB.  Years ago, her brothers worked at Otra Vez. They invented the "Springbok" pizza to match the colors of the South Africa Springboks rugby team -- green and yellow.  It's funny that such an insanely tasty combination was invented not by the Swiss-Italian owners, but by teenagers, and not for the flavor, but for the colors of their rugby team.

Camping in Los Barriles before the winter crowds

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Cesar said...

Hmmm... how did we miss the pizza when we were in LB? I guess too stuffed with fish tacos.
BTW- I finally took some kitesurfing Ecuador. Your inspiration finally paid off!

Keep enjoying Mexico. It still stands out as the highlight country of the trip.