Monday, April 14, 2008

Garage Sales and Curb Diving

I doubt many people would be as entertained as we were this weekend, finding treasures throughout the neighborhood. The first treasure was found down the street from us where a nice woman (originally from Cincinnati, OH) sold us her large pots and plants for ~$10 each -- score!! She even had a heavy duty dolly that we used -- 5 trips in all. Good thing Scott is so strong. During one of our 5 trips to/from the garage sale we also bought an exercise ball and weights to help enable our nightly workout sessions on the balcony.

In between biking to beautiful lookouts, we also found that our neighbors must be either rich, generous, lazy, or a combination of those things. We discovered that people place perfectly usable and valuable "garbage" items on the curb. We found tables, chairs, clothes drying racks, a brand new yoga mat, closet shelves, a vacuum cleaner, FULL propane tanks, etc. The most useful find was a golf cart that Scott fashioned into a bike trailer. I think we win the award for the best curb divers in Sydney.

During one of our bike rides we found a nice grill about 2 miles from our house. We considered calling a cab or hiring a local van driver to take it to our apartment but chickened out on the idea and continued on our bike ride. On our way home, we stopped by the grill and found 2 dudes sitting next to it drinking beer waiting for their buddy to bring a vehicle -- I guess we're not alone.

When I lived in Chicago during the summer of 1997, my dad gave my curb diving habit a name -- "Na Na Na". It's more than just a name but it's what you sing, once you've made the score. It actually came from the VW commercial that features the song "Da, Da, Da" by Trio. I guess we thought the words of the song were "Na Na Na". Scott and I have a new appreciation for this commercial:

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