Thursday, April 10, 2008

Funny food

On the plane from Honolulu to Sydney I asked if I could purchase the "Cheese and Crackers". The flight attendant asked if I wanted the "light" or "tasty" version. I, of course, went for the "tasty" version -- who wouldn't want the tasty version? When the flight attendant brought it to me I noted it said "extra tasty" and let out a hearty laugh hoping that the Bankok-based flight attendant would laugh with me. "Ohhhh, you brought me the extra tasty!" He didn't really laugh and I assumed it was due to our language and culture differences. BUT, today at the grocery store I realized that there is a type of cheese that is called "tasty". I looked it up to find that it is Australian for cheddar!!!!! Yum, I love cheese.

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