Monday, January 7, 2019

2018 - The Year of No Pictures

A notable thing about 2018 is that I barely took any pictures. It makes me sad, because I love taking pictures and I love looking at pictures. It also makes me sad because it means I didn't feel like anything was worthy of picture-taking, which is certainly not true. 2018 - the year of no pictures or just a sad, bad attitude.

The last time I checked into the blog, I was documenting our winter of 2018. It is now winter 2019.

A nice camp spot above the Snake River in Idaho en-route from British Columbia to Baja

Anyway, the main theme of 2018 for us, was surfing, SUPing, and kite-surfing. If you've been reading our blogs in the past, you know that Baja is our happy place. Our friend Clark Merritt gave us the following pictures of our camp in Baja where we spent about 5 months:

You can barely make out El Tigre at the bottom of this sunset photo

During the spring and fall, on our way to/from Baja, we got more into rock climbing. This new sport has ignited a spark in us - new places to explore, new things to learn, new gear to buy, different body parts to abuse, more reasons to fight during tense situations, the list goes on...

Climbing in New Jack City outside Barstow, California

Once in Baja, we did our thing in the water. Lots of water time. We have very, very few pictures of it all. We definitely never took pictures during the best days. I want to change that. Here's a few random pictures that I found:

Our trick to making a wave look big: put your photographer in the water and squat on the wave

Windy day with small waves at PSC

Since we hung out in Baja for so long, there was lots of downtime. We got into long-distance running and I continued experimenting with painting rocks. This year, the theme became Baja-related wildlife.

In October, a couple of hurricanes hit Baja so we retreated to a hotel for a few days. We will never forget the hummingbird outside our hotel room nor the stray kitty that we adopted during those few days - fleas and all.  Pictured below:

I will end this as abruptly as it started. Here's to a 2019 full of pictures.

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