Sunday, April 16, 2017

Moab, Utah

After spending the winter in Nelson, we worked our way south to the biking mecca of Moab, Utah. The change in climate and recreational activities was energizing. It was, for the most part, warm, sunny, and dry. We couldn't wait for the inaugural first-of-the-year outdoor sunset happy hour!

Scott made an outdoor shower patio at our camp spot - hot outdoor showers are the best!

It also so happened that our favorite road-warrior friends, Michelle and Trent, were on their way home to Oregon from Baja. Moab is on the way, right? Lucky for us, they made the detour and we spent the better part of a week biking, happy-houring, and sharing dinners with them. Friends like this are like gold. I am so grateful for the awesome conversations and belly-aching laughs (thank you Michelle).

Margarita smiles

The Moab area boasts a dizzying number of biking trails, as well as stunning 360° views, including distant snow capped mountains, and the red rock formations of nearby Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.

Getting off the bike to appreciate the views

Looming snow-capped LaSalle mountains

No one needs to know this started with a few minutes of hesitation, right?

Moab is a very popular spring break destination, but we managed to camp and bike far enough away from the actual town that we barely noticed. Like always, we'll be back.

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