Saturday, January 28, 2017

Planny Plan Part IV

We think we might have a planny plan!

While recently visiting my parents in Michigan, we spent countless hours trying to track down a winter rental, in a mountain town, for a season of backcountry snowboarding. As restless nomads, it's hard for us to commit to one place.  We finally settled on Nelson, British Columbia, Canada as the object of our affection. We found a rental online, sent them some money, and crossed our fingers that the photos didn't lie.

Welcome to British Columbia! Our last visit to Canada was in 2005 for our wedding.

Beautiful British Columbia

Turns out, the rental suite couldn't be a better match. We are so pleased. We live below the owners and have a wonderful little suite with everything we need. I had no idea I could be so in love with our own, WARM, DRY space. Now I can say... Living in El Tigre during the winter SUCKS!

Life is just too easy now

Another long story about what we will do after the winter...

We told many friends and family that we had plans to spend the 2017 summer/fall driving to/from Alaska. This past December, as we drove away from the Baja coastline, both of us were harboring silent regrets about wanting more (of Baja). Luckily, Scott spoke up. We realized that there were many things at play that required a change of plans. For one, since we had plans to spend the cold (potentially cloudy) winter snowboarding, we weren't sure we would be eager for a subsequent trip to Alaska. Most importantly, we both feel like we are at the cusp of becoming better surfers and good kite-surfers. At our age, this sort of competency and passion can disappear so quickly. As such, we've decided to return to Baja in 2017 to chase waves and wind and sun yet again. Alaska will be there when we are ready.


Unknown said...

Alaska is beautiful, especially in the summer! However, you're right, Alaska will be there and the older we get the more things start...well, shifting. Surf on traveling ninjas!! Good call.

Michael said...

Alaska, lived there as a kid. A must see, do, experience. Baja, ditto. New to your blog, may I say Bravo!