Friday, December 9, 2016

Make America Mexico Again

I guess it's about time we checked in. It's been almost 5 months since our last update, and people are getting worried.

The Pacific coast of Baja has been our home for the past few months. Once we leave, it will sound and feel weird not to smell the salty, desert air, or hear the roar of waves while we sleep. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times - Baja is our happy place.

Some of the beaches we've been calling home:

El Cardón

At one with the pokey desert landscape

My mom recently asked, "what do you DOOOO all day?". My answer, we kitesurf, surf, paddleboard, yoga, run, bike, read, do chores, play instruments (Scott), chat with new friends, get weird flu viruses (related to previous), eat a lots of avocados, cook delicious food, wrangle snakes, and watch the world go by - including cute sea lions and surfing dolphins.

This little rattlesnake had a full belly and was resting under a rock near our tire

The best snake-wrangling husband ever - Mom, you would've FREAKED if you saw this snake!

Just when you think you're alone in the dunes

Watching the world go by

Luckily, for our sanity, we've had very little internet access over the past few months. It's been especially healthy to be free of most media after the election, save some updates via AM radio out of Los Angeles.

We slammed on the brakes and made a u-turn for this picture. This was in the middle of the desert with no other buildings for hundreds of miles.

Specifically, we spent June/July/Sept/Oct in our favorite kitesurf spot - Punta San Carlos. Some of our favorite people also make San Carlos their home during Spring/Summer/Fall.

Julie and Heather enjoying an evening session alone, surfing and paddleboarding

Doing that kitesurfing thing

Some of our favorite San Carlos friends (missing Gordon and Julie/Simon though)

August was jam-packed with quick visits with friends and family in Portland, Oregon and Ann Arbor, Michigan. For anyone bored enough to check, I quickly uploaded ALL the pictures I took of those visits here: Portland and Ann Arbor Visit

During November and now December, we have been exploring the Seven Sisters region, so named for 7 surf spots along a remote stretch of coastline near the middle of the Baja Peninsula. It's amazing that this sort of undeveloped coast still exists so close to California.

Undisclosed spot in the Seven Sisters

We're still in Baja and hope to be here through December. We promise to update more often!

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Liz Ness said...

Hey Heather,
Liz Ness here, from HP (though not for many years). I love it when you check in--what a wonderful way to live! I remember talking with you about your "after-HP-dreams" and am so glad you're living them.

Wishing you and Scott the happiest of holidays filled with all that is good!

=) Liz