Thursday, October 1, 2015

Planny Plan Part III

What's next for us? I wish I could share an exciting grand plan's planny plan for our next adventure, but I cannot. We have some near-term plans and some long term ideas that I won't share, because things will most certainly change.

I guess you could say we are taking a deep breath after 6 years of traveling outside the USA. We missed some things that we can find right here, closer to home, where we won't spend so much energy and time navigating and traveling. While our aging bodies can handle it, we would like to focus a little more on physical pursuits (kiting, surfing, biking, hiking, paddleboarding, snowboarding, etc.) rather than world travel. To be fair, all of those thing could/should involve world travel...

We are currently on our way to Baja where we will spend 2.5 months (Oct, Nov, Dec) kiteboarding, surfing, eating lots of cheap avocados, and drinking our favorite "working man's" tequilla, Jimador.

After that, we'll visit family over the holidays for the first time in 7 years.

Family and friends on the Matthews side have had to replace us with cardboard during xmas time

As soon as we're ready to leave the chilly, flat midwest sometime in January, we will hit the road towards the western mountains for some backcountry snowboarding. We have a far-flung notion that we might find a house rental somewhere for a few months. We're thinking British Columbia, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, etc. First we need to see what the El Nino weather pattern will bring. We also have vague, more far-flung plans to buy an old Subaru or Toyota Matrix for a daily winter driver. In the end, I could imagine those plans falling through and just chasing snow in El Tigre for the winter - at least we have insulation now!

Spring 2016 may have us back down to Baja and then up to Alaska for the summer. In between all of this, we will make as many stops as possible to our favorite region -- the Pacific Northwest!

Aaaaand, that's it. We aren't even thinking beyond that. Things can change quickly and we are more than open to what the future brings. We're excited about the possibilities.

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