Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back to the USA

We made it back to the USA. We couldn't believe our luck when we picked up the truck at the port in Jacksonville without a hitch. El Tigre sailed from Argentina to the USA for 5+ weeks and everything worked out great. We were prepared for so many disastrous scenarios that never played out. If you want more details about vehicle shipping, email us (we shipped with K-Line).

While we waited 6 weeks for the truck to arrive, we spent the beginning of the summer visiting family and friends in Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky. Here we all are:

Scott's sister's family

Scott's brother's family and other brother and mom

Heather's family

We also got a serious dose of Michigan backyard wildlife. Who needs the exotic animals of the world, when you can just hang at my parents' house in Ann Arbor, Michigan? The following pictures are just a sample of the almost-daily surprises we were (and still are) treated to:

We spotted this giant snapping turtle taking a walk across the yard

Since we've been here, we've seen this guy make his commute across the yard (and driveway) twice

We watched these barn swallows grow up and learn how to fly

A couple of wrens took up residence in a decorative face, hanging on the deck

We watched AND got an ear-full of the baby wrens for 2 weeks.
After they flew the coop, we got to see what the nest looked like!

Knock knock.
We love all animals - even the ugly ones

What do you get when you combine toads and a 7-year old boy?

Raccoon ingenuity opened this bird feeder (and kept it open) while the whole family had a feast

The Great Blue Herons are so big!!

In June, after we picked up the truck, we made a bee-line for Ann Arbor, Michigan to begin the process of renovating El Tigre. Let's just say, we didn't think we would still be "renovating" 2+ months later (now). We've been here long enough to celebrate my birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, my sister's birthday, and my dad's birthday with the family.

This is how things got under way, a little over 2 months ago...

So, there you have it. We are STILL working on the truck. Obviously, we will have to put together another blog post with before, during, and after pictures of our truck project. I'm also due to put together a planny plan post to explain what our latest plans are for fulfilling our adventure-lust. Until then... we are still in Ann Arbor enjoying the 5-star accommodations at Mom and Dad Matthews'.

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Juergen | dare2go said...

Well, we hadn't thought that it would take us this long to build our Berta. But one things comes to the other, then you suddenly realise you need to buy something (and possibly wait for it to arrive) - and there goes all the planning and all the time.
But it will be worth it! Sure!