Tuesday, May 6, 2014

EarthRoamer Drool

by Scott

A few weeks ago, we got a fantastic surprise. Our friends, Todd and Shonah, quit their jobs, sold their possessions, and are hitting the road to live full time in their EarthRoamer. Some of you who read our blog may know Todd. We attended Purdue together, lived together while interning in Los Angeles, and did annual ski trips for many years. Check out ShonahAndToddsTravels to follow their adventures, or to just drool over their rig. Congratulations guys -- see you somewhere!

Their Rig:

A few pictures from the past (sin grey hair and wrinkles):

2002 in Montana: Scott, Shane (Scott's bro), Doug, Todd, Heather

Scott, Heather, and Todd (2006) - Funny thing about this pic is that we all still use the same jackets!

Shonah, Todd, Scott, and Shane