Friday, May 3, 2013

Overland Truck Security Part II

Scott has taken the security of our truck and our belongings to a whole new level.  About once a month, we read about fellow overlanders getting their stuff stolen. Usually, it is by simply breaking a window, or popping a lock (often times in crowded parking lots). Some of the more recent break-ins that I can remember include: 30forThirty, CapitolSouthbound, and ToArgentinaBlog.

This is a continuation of our original post about Overland Security. Since the last post, Scott has added a steel bar across our side window (pictured below).  This enables us to keep the window open for circulation even when we're away from the truck. In the event someone tries to climbing though the window, they would have a very hard time fitting.

With the hot weather in Central America, we found that we need to keep the driver's and passenger's windows open for air circulation.  We put a screen in the windows to keep the bugs out.  To keep the would-be thieves out, Scott installed 2 cross-cables in each window.  If someone reaches through to unlock the doors, or break the windows, they still won't be able to open the doors, as they are cabled together through the steering wheel (detailed in our first security post).  Without cable cutters, the only way in is climbing through the cross-cabled window. A small kid might pull it off, but the visual effect should be a deterrent in itself. After all, the only way out is the same as the way in.

We upgraded our Beware-of-Dog sign from clip-art to an official sign from Auto Zone. The sign is garnering a lot of attention lately. People on the street, campground owners, security guards, and even soldiers with M-16's ask about our dog. When we tell them we don't actually have a dog, they seem to think it's a great idea. Although, sometimes, it seems like they're still apprehensive, like they're not convinced that we don't really have a dog, which is just the way we like it.

We've also added another item to the nightly routine.  Scott keeps a newly purchased air horn next to the can of mace, both within easy reach while we sleep.

Every time we get out of the truck, I ask myself, is there anything not securely hidden that would cause a serious headache if stolen (i.e. charging cables, inverter, camera battery, etc).  If so, we put it in our secure hiding spot. Outside of this, we know there are things in the truck that will get stolen if someone breaks in. We don't have a secure hiding spot for our clothes, shoes, tools, Scott's guitar and amp, nor our food and booze, but maybe it's best to leave out a few sacrificial items so that the would-be thieves don't linger and dig deep for the good stuff.


Stevie said...

Badass motherfuckers!!!

Overland Headquarters said...

Some good ideas. I've been looking for ways to secure my setup.

Unknown said...

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