Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Belize Zoo

We hadn't planned on going to Belize but it made sense to head through Belize to get to Guatemala. The border crossing between Mexico and Belize went pretty well. Thanks to LifeRemotely for step-by-step instructions. Belize is an English-speaking country but many people speak Kriol (33%) or Spanish (46%) as their first language. We didn't have to exchange money because the Belize dollar is pegged at exactly double that of the U.S. dollar. We found that Belize is, unfortunately, quite a bit more expensive than it's neighboring countries.

I saw amateur pictures from the Belize Zoo about a month before we visited Belize. After this, I was sure we would visit, despite the steep price of $15/person. The zoo is very small but they keep large, jungle-y enclosures for all of the native animals.

We spent hours walking around the zoo looking at the big cats, massive birds, and cute-as-hell river otter. There was a zoo employee feeding the big cats chicken feet (ewww) so that they would come out of the jungle for the visitors to see. The sea otter was the only sad (but soooo cute) thing we saw. He paced around the enclosure seemingly lost without a companion. Later in the day we visited him a second time where he was snuggled up in a planter-pot.  This is when pictures are better than words:

Guess what he's looking at?

Scott and my grandma LOVE owls.  I think they're pretty cute too.

Getting comfortable in his pot

Our favorite cat at the zoo was the ocelot

A few more pictures of the Belize Zoo


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I love these pictures. Beautiful!

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Hope you are doing great, it sure looks like it:)