Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Guerrero and Oaxaca Coast, Mexico

With the taste of delicious new foods still in our mouths, we left Patzcauro with a bag full of mole gorditas, and headed back to the coast via the same route we had driven before.  As usual, we were chasing waves.  We were hoping to catch surf at La Saladita, and then make our way south. It was pretty much a bust  The waves were non-existent the entire week, as we drove from north of Zihuantanejo, past Acapulco, all the way to Barra de La Cruz. We covered a LOT of ground. This was the fastest we had moved since our Mexico travels started 15 months ago.

Camping at Playa Ventura

Despite the lack of waves, we enjoyed a few different beach camp spots along the way.  We found a large turtle floating near the beach at Playa Ventura.  We're not sure what happened to him but he was very fresh.  I hope he died of old age, but I'm doubtful.

Turtle washed up at Playa Ventura

Near Playa Ventura, we found a better, more secluded beach at Bahia Agua Dulce. We spent a few nights parked at Urbano's restaurant.  One of Urbano's chickens kept jumping on our box, trying to hide under the bike cover.  Both of us love eggs, so we really wanted her to stay. Unfortunately, she wouldn't stop scratching the box that we had meticulously painted. Scott had a few sparring matches with her as he tried to get her out from under the cover.  It's too bad the picture (below) is so blurry.  Otherwise, you would see the defiant look in her eyes.

Pollo Bravo at Bahia Agua Dulce

At the end of our 10-day blast along this coastline we got some surprise surf at Barra de La Cruz. The waves were small, but after the long drought, we both enjoyed the fun, friendly waves. We met a couple from England who are traveling Mexico and Central America for the next 5 months.  He must have a really nice camera because he got some crystal-clear photos of us surfing from the rocks high above.  Thanks Gaz. We never take pictures of each other surfing (who wants to be the one not surfing?), so these will probably be it for the next few years.

With no waves in the forecast, we made a last-minute decision to spend a few weeks taking Spanish classes in the highland city of San Cristobal, Chiapas.  I'll save that for another post.

This map is for Dad, since he says he wants to look up all the cities we mention
on our blog, but probably never finds the time.

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