Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Abreojos... Open Your Eyes

Nine days ago we decided to head to the Pacific side of Baja for Punta Abreojos.  We arrived in the evening and slowly found a camping spot right outside of town.  We managed to park right at the famous surfing point dubbed "Burgers" where we were able to surf for a few days.  I can't believe we've been in the area 9 days already!

Moonrise at Punta Abreojos with the sunset reflecting in our box
We've been in some dolphin-y areas but Abreojos is out of this world.  The dolphins are everywhere.  They are close to shore, slowly bobbing along, and a bit off shore, jumping, playing, and fishing. Along with the dolphins are seals, sea lions, pelicans and more osprey than we've ever seen. This can only mean one thing -- the fish are PLENTIFUL. Scott confirmed this by catching kelp bass, sierra, and corvina.  Fish tacos galore.

While we were camped at "Burgers", a gringo couple (George and Deborah) drove by, gawked at our truck, and stopped to chat.   We talked long enough that they learned that we wanted our toy box painted white (it gets very hot in the sun).  It turns out that they were having some body work done to one of their vehicles, so that evening, George arrived with Francisco to check out our box and give us a price on painting it.  The next day, we drove to George and Deborah's house and had the box painted by Francisco for $60.

It's white now!
The box-painting day was Scott's 41st birthday (12/12). Deborah prepared an amazing birthday dinner -- clam chowder, halibut casserole, and Mississippi mud pie.  It just so happened that they received the most rain they'd seen in 8 years, so we ended up parked at their house for 2 days while the box dried.  Scott became good friends with Gypsy, their 2-year-old Boston terrier, who pulled out an endless supply of toys.  George and Deborah were extremely generous while we squatted at their house.  They made our stay in Abreojos quite memorable (along with the surfing and sea life).  I hope that we can pay it forward.


Danno said...

Happy belated Birthday!

Anonymous said...

George= El Vikingo de Abreojos

Faith peabody said...

Scott, we have the same birthday! On our way to abreojos tomorrow : ) so fun to find you two by just browsing through google images