Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Quick Update on our Progress

I've started many blog posts over the past couple of months and then just never finished them.  I had ambitions of doing something more than just an "update" post - maybe something about what it's been like to spend the past 4 months in Ann Arbor with my parents and sister.  I hope I can write a blog post about that soon (sneak peek: it's been nice sprinkled with lots of truck-stress).

Mom, Dad, and Oscie have put up with us for the past 4 months!

In the meantime, here's a little update.  We have been madly working on the truck to upgrade lots of components, both inside and out.  You know how this goes -- once you decide to fix/change one thing, it's a cascade of 5 more things. As I write this, Scott is working on both the plumbing and the electrical system.  The beginning stages of our work had us researching and purchasing lots of things online.  The credit card was smoking.  That was the easy part.  The hard part is installing everything (Scott has done 99% of it).  I hope to also write a blog post about the upgrades and include some pictures of the truck.  At the moment, it is not picture-worthy.

Yep, that's Scott underneath the truck in a white bunny suit in 95 degree heat
The latest plan is that we will drive out of here next Friday and head to Lexington, KY to visit's Scott's bro.  After a quick weekend visit, we will take El Tigre across the country for our next stop in Portland, Oregon.   I expect that we will be in the Portland vicinity for the month of September.  We have many friends in the Portland area that we can't wait to visit.  We are also excited to slow things down a little and do some adventuring in the northwest.  We probably won't slow down too much, since we have lists and lists of things to do/buy before we cross the border to start the Pan-American journey.

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