Monday, April 4, 2011

White Sand Beaches and Rooster Rest Areas

White sand tropical-ness

It was about about 1.5 months ago that we started our adventures in Northland, the region north of Auckland.   It is much more tropical than we had ever imagined.  In many parts, there are no more than 20 miles between the east and the west coast. The fine, sugary, white sand beaches on the north and east coasts are my favorite.  The west side has black sand beaches created by volcanic rock that was carried up the coastline from Mt. Taranaki.

Rooster rest stop
A weird
thing we noticed in Northland was the abundance of wild roosters at the roadside picnic and rest areas.  We suspect people simply dispose of their male chicks, since they only need one rooster. One night, we were really tired, and we couldn't find one of our epic camping spots.  We decided to park along the road at a rest area.  It was still very dark when a dozen roosters introduced themselves.  At one point, I think they had our van surrounded.  There was no sleeping-in that morning.        

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