Monday, December 27, 2010

The Three Questions for 2010

Today, I had the pleasure of briefly chatting, electronically of course, with one of my dear friends, Aly.  Since it was recently Scott's birthday, she passed along her "3 birthday questions" that I decided would be a great way to end 2010 on our blog.  Both of us answered the questions without looking at the other's answers.  We also answered them pretty hastily.

The questions Aly poses to her friends every year for their birthday are:  what are 3 things in the past year you are proud of, 3 things you learned, and 3 things you're looking forward to in the next year?  The answers to these questions are really the essence of living. I wish I could hear the answers from all my friends and family --  get prepared.

3 things in the past year you are proud of:
  1. Pulling off our move from Australia to New Zealand with hardly any issues, including getting rid of all our "stuff"
  2. Finding some great secret adventure spots in NZ -- off the beaten track
  3. Making it through a NZ winter, living in a van
3 things you learned:
  1. They don't call it the "roaring forties" for nothing -- NZ weather pretty much sucks ass
  2. All about how diesel engines work -- thanks to the failures of our campervan after we bought it.  Luckily, all of the issues were fixed and it's running like a charm (I know I just jinxed us).
  3. Virgin Blue Airlines lets you travel with 2 pieces of "sporting goods" that can weigh up to 50 lbs each, FOR FREE!
3 things you're looking forward to in the next year:
  1. Heading back to the USA for a visit with family/friends
  2. Buying a new home (van) and customizing it from scratch
  3. Getting better at kiteboarding
  4. For the record, I have way more things to say in this category than any of the others
3 things in the past year you are proud of:
  1. Blogging
  2. Writing and recording more songs
  3. Catching and filleting my first trout
3 things you learned:
  1. Way too much about diesel injection systems 
  2. The UK should be thankful that the Holocaust overshadows their brutal colonial history
  3. New Zealand isn't nearly as clean and green as they want tourists to believe
3 things you're looking forward to in the next year:
  1. Outfitting a new van
  2. Cheap good beer, wine, and liquor
  3. Getting better in the waves, both surfing and kiting 
Happy New Year to all our family and friends.  Wishing you a year full of proud moments, learning opportunities, and great expectations.

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Anonymous said...

What a treat to finally connect and an even greater honor to be included in your blog! I wish you and Scott many more lessons, moments to savor, and teasing glimpses into the crystal ball... Lots of love sent to you oh so far away...Aly