Saturday, August 23, 2008

Somthing to Smile About

There is something about the word "nappy" that makes me giggle every time I hear it or see it. Aussies call baby diapers "nappies". Before moving here, I used "nappy" as an adjective to describe something that was gross or messed-up. You can see what the urban dictionary says about this word here. I've been known to use this word often so it's been hard to cut it from my vocabulary now that it means "diapers". There's a website titled "Australian Nappy Network" and there are products advertised as "nappy cleaner" -- the brand name is "Nappisan". In my mind, "nappy cleaner" is not exactly what I would want to use, to clean anything! Here's my giggle list:

nappy bags
nappy cakes (a "cake" made out of nappies as a gift!)
nappy service
nappy covers
swim nappy
nappy rash

On a very unrelated note, I slapped together a movie that may or may not make you giggle. It definitely makes us smile. It's accessible from our Picasa Web Albums website and the direct link is:

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Anonymous said...

Heather & Scott: Enjoyed the jumping video very much!! FUN!! What a hoot about the sign reading: NO JUMPING. WTF? Beautifl pics. WOW. -Jules