Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Getz and the Queen

Scott and I broke down this past rainy weekend and rented a car. It was a 3-day weekend due to the "Queen's Birthday" and the train lines near us were closed for maintenance. You may ask, like I did, what "Queen"? Yes, the Australians have a public holiday dedicated to Queen Elizabeth of England!? Seems kind of weird to me, but I'm not complaining because we finally got to surf! We rented a Hyundai Getz and managed to fit mountain bikes and surfboards (not on the same day) into the little roller skate of a car. I felt much safer sitting behind Scott in the back of the car anyway! Even with one of the most economical cars made, it still cost $46 in gas for the weekend. I guess it's not hard to reach that amount at ~$7.50/gallon.

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Anonymous said...

Love the pic of the red roller skate!!!!